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Written by recognized American author Kate Elizabeth Russell, My Dark Vanessa is listed in the most famous books of 2020. Kate E. Russell made her appearance in the literary world with this novel. Soon after its publication, this novel reached the level of the national bestseller. 

My Dark Vanessa Novel pdf download free

The authoress has highlighted some of the bitter fact of our social life. You can read some more about the novel below. Then you can download this novel for free in pdf.

Story / Plot f the novel

The story of the novel is based on the life of a girl Vanessa. It starts with a young Vanessa, at the age of fifteen, in 2000. In her adolescence, she becomes involved in a relationship with her twenty-four-year-old English teacher, Jacob Strane. 

The relationship is soon realized in the marriage of Vanessa and Jacob. Years pass. In 2017, Vanessa's marital life with Jacob starts facing disruptions, as he gets accused of sexual abuse by one of her former students. She approaches Vanessa to let her know of the darkest side of Jacob and puts her in a tormenting dilemma. 

At that point, Vanessa realizes that life is demanding her decision once again - about her long-standing love for Jacob. She is confronted with options to leave Jacob and reshape her life or keep on moving for the sake of her love. 

More About the Novel 

This novel explores the psychological and sexual crisis in a postmodern society. As Vanessa experiences sexual aberrations in her adolescence, she faces torment as to what she could do. This directly points to the unusual sexuality of Vanessa which influenced her life incredibly. 

However, the struggle for identity does not end at the decision to marry Jacob. It takes a new turn in 2017 when she is again on the same point. The novel raises many questions as to unchecked sexuality, sexual agony and hollow relationships. It outlines the fact that upbringing plays an important role in shaping the entire life of an individual. 

The character of Vanessa symbolizes the trend of uncontrolled sexuality among the youth. This novel is really helpful for parents to understand the psychological and sexual dynamics of children and also to the students of psychiatry and psychology.

My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russel PDF Download

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My Dark vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell pdf download

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