What you wish for Novel by Katherine Center PDF download

This novel is written by the New-York Times bestselling author Katherine Center. She is a female American author and has written many books including the famous novel How to Walk Away

What you wish for by Katherine Center pdf download

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What you wish for plot

The two protagonists of the novel Samantha Casey and Duncan Carpenter shape the plot of the novel. 

Samantha is a school librarian and is one of those few people who share the same passion and profession, she always liked her job and guiding children. 

Duncan is recently posted there as the new principal and uses his strictness to regulate the institute. Sam and Duncan have had a previous acquaintance. 

Once upon a time, she used to love him when she was recruited in another school. 

However, things have completely changed now for her and him. Soon after Duncan's allocation, the school community faces the worst instability. 

At that time, Duncan and Samantha begin a new beginning - of trying their love once again. 

Our review on the Novel

The novel deals with the transitions of life. It manifests the internal and external conditions shaping the destiny of individuals. The Center's art of characterization allows her to make her characters a combination of fantasy and reality. The novel offers itself as a relatable story to the readers. The question of reviving love is centered on the theme. At first, it appears impossible that Samantha and Duncan could come to reconcile and start loving each other again. However, the ending of the story removes this preoccupation. The importance of choice in our lives is also manifested. 

Duncan and Samantha took the choice of unifying once again in the bond of love. If you are looking for something blended with despair and hope, hate and love, sorrow and happiness, this novel is the best option to start reading by this weekend. Go ahead, dear readers!

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What you wish for novel by Katherine Center pdf download

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