Best books for CSS English Essay Paper

Zahid Notes is offering all type of books for CSS exams. This post only deals and explains all the best books for English Essay paper 2020. You can see the review for each book and have an idea of what each book contains and why you should study this books for your CSS preparation.

Best Books for CSS English Essay 2020

The best books for CSS English Essay paper are:

1. Real Writing with Readings by Susan Anker

Real Writing with reading books by Susan Anker for CSS Essay
This book is among the best free books of CSS. The books is a masterpiece of Susan Anker. The books are unique in the subjects of developing writing skills, reading skills, and Writing success. The students of CSS exams have questions of attempting an essay on one of the given topics. This book shows you how to develop extraordinary writing skills by doing simple practices.

Apart from comprehension on Essay writing, the Author has given reasonable tips to develop creative writing skills and many other things. You will love this book for excellent in-depth information. on the subject.

The books is free and you can download this book from the link below:


2. How to Write Great Essays by Lauren Starkey

How to write great essays best book for CSS

Lauren Starkey has explained all aspects of Essay witing like the organization of ideas, clarity, word choice, mechanics, revising, editing, proofreading, essay writing strategies, sample essay prompts, and other example essays that will give you clarity and understanding of essay writing. The author has beautifully explained all the phenomena in simple language and easy words.

CSS candidates must read this book to know all about essay writing. The native English writers can give you more and better understanding of the essay writing practices That are accepted worldwide.

You can download this book free in PDF.


3. Essay Writing Guide for Students by Essay Mama

Essay Mama has published a book titled "Essay writing guide for Students". This book is also best for Essay writing knowledge and practices. You can download the book in PDF free from Zahid notes. Zahid Notes has always served free PDF books for CSS students. Now best books for English essay for CSS is a news book by Essay Mama.

The Author has completely covered all topics and issue described in the book and given comprehensive information about Essay writing. You can download this book free from The link given below:


4. Essay Writing for English Tests by Duigu Gabi

This is an excellent piece by Duigo Gabi. The author has covered every inch of Essay writing. None other author has adopted this approach to give a comprehensive analysis of English Essay writing.

This book is a pure guide to self-study and the classroom. The book has many exercises and solved practice portion. The book is equally good for IELTS Academic writing task. Here in Pakistan, this book is one of the best free books for CSS English essay paper.

You can see the list of free books by Zahid Notes. We do not claim any copyright of the books we provide here. These are original books without any alteration.


5. Exploring Writing - Sentences and paragraphs (by John Langan)

This is alos a good book for learning how to write a professional and formal essay. The essay writing has been explained for CSS purposes in this book. The author has skillfully portrayed all rules and specific strategies of Essay writing.

I recommend this book due to its vast and wider scope and area. The author is not limited to essays alone. The sentences structure and the arrangement of sentences is a unique feature which makes this book my favorite one.

But now to discuss it with you, the book is free to download from this website. You can always visit Zahid PDF Books whenever you need a pdf book.


6. Caravan 100 Essays for CSS and PMS book by Soban Chaudhry

This book is best for those who want to get real-time examples of CSS English Essays and their complete layout and design with a lot of examples. Writing an essay is not a game of words and knowledge. It is the game of content organization and linking the concepts in a specific way. This book has 100 essays totally written keeping in views of CSS and PMS English essay paper and guidelines. This book is best seller of the year 2020. You have to purchase the book from Caravan Bookhouse for a discounted price of RS 649.00.

Caravan 100 English Essays for CSS and PMS book free download

7. Winning Essays for CSS and PMS by Zaffar Siddique Chaanga

Winning Essays by Zafar Siddique is a very good book by a brilliant writer. The writter is well known for his remarkable contribution in the field of CSS and PMS. This book, especially written in Pakistani Context, holds the No. one position on Essay writing. Published by Jahangir's WorldTimes Publications, the book has an identity in the CSS world. You can buy a copy at the cheapest price from CPDBook.

Winning essays book for css and pms by zaffar siddique
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