All the stars and teeth book by Adalyn Grace pdf download

This is the most recent published novel by renowned American novelist and theater-artist Adalyn Grace. She is one of the young American writers who have been rendering contributions to the domain of art and theatre. 

All the Stars and Teeth book by Adalyn Grace free download

The most interesting thing about Adalyn is that she worked with Nickelodeon as an intern and is excelled in the art of storytelling. 

Brief plot of the novel

This novel perfectly suits the readers of fantasy, though it offers insights as to the human psyche. The protagonist of the novel is Amora Montara. 

The novel starts with her as the princess of the kingdom Visida. The kingdom itself is located on an island. Amora Montara spends her life in becoming the 'master of souls' and pursues her course to become the heir to the throne. But for becoming so she needs to prove her mastery over the deadly soul magic. 

Unluckily, Montara's fate takes a turn and she is forced to leave the kingdom. Soon after her expulsion, she meets a pirate named Bastian. He consoles her and makes her prove that she can be the heir to the throne on the cost that she will help him regain his stolen magic. 

The task, which Montara first thinks to be easy, comes out to be the deadliest one. She has to defeat great giants, come across evil mermaids, or handover the fate of Visidia to the evildoers.

The story follows. 

Critical review

What is central to the novel are the themes of goodwill and struggle. Montara was bound by the responsibility to save her kingdom from the evil magic. It was not, however, easy. She had to encounter plenty of dangers to save Visida. 

The narrative of the story is grand in itself. The use of supernatural machinery makes the novel unimaginably interesting. Montara's character embodies the spirit of goodness, as she fights against her rivals. This novel would be one of your joyous reads. Do not leave it unread!

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all the stars and teeth book free pdf download

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