Big lies in a small town by Diane Chamberlain pdf download

This novel is written by American writer Diane Chamberlain. She has authored many works of fiction. Most of her writings use adult themes to portray the human condition. She is also a Sunday Times bestselling author. Her novels have been translated into twenty different languages of the world. 

Big lies in a small town book by Diane Chamberlain pdf download

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The Plot in Brief

The concerned novel constructs two stories set at two different junctures. There are two main characters in the novel - Morgan Christopher and Anna Dale. In 2018, Christopher Morgan is taken to a detention center for a crime that she did not commit. She wants to pursue the career of an artist. However, this disruption puts her in despair. 

One day, a mysterious visitor makes an offer to her and assures her release. She is asked to restore a post office mural. Unknowing the method of restoring art, Morgan proceeds a make marvelous discoveries. 

The second story is of Anna Dale living in 1940. She is also characterized as an artist, who also endeavors to do a similar task for a competition. However, she later realizes that she is surrounded by conspirators, liars and bigots. 

Review and Critical analysis of Big lies in a small town

Chamberlain's novel pulls the grim realities of society up to the surface of words. She tries to picture the dreadful effects of ordinary accusations. Moreover, she visualizes the psychological seizures of sufferers because of fake allegations. 

Themes in the novel

The themes of violence, crime and guilt form the whole of the story. It brings into account the conspiracy of society against a single individual. And how uniqueness turns into a crime in an exclusive society. 

Download Big lies in a small town free in PDF

The lives of Morgan Christopher and Anna Dale also represents the plight of the artist in a society corrupted with violence, terror and fear. Chamberlain's novel is a good-read for the lovers of crime fiction. It has the power to grasp your attention till the end.

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Big lies in a small town free pdf download

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