The book of Longings by Sue Monk Kidd free pdf download

This wonderful book is written by Sue Monk Kidd. She is an aged American writer, well-known for her novels The Secret Life of Bees and The Invention of Wings

The book of Longings by S.M Kidd pdf free

Published in 2020 and hitting the shelves, the book is considered in the category of historical and biographical fiction. 

The story in brief

The story revolves around the life of Ana who proclaims "I am Ana. I was the wife of Jesus" and voices other unusual assertions. 

Ana belongs to a wealthy family in Sepphoris. An inborn rebel, Ana wants to achieve her goals in life but finds no way to realize her dreams. 

At last, she pursues a scholarly task of writing narratives about repressed women. She decides to defy all measures taken to forcibly silence women. She then meets an eighteen-year-old guy named Jesus. 

Sooner, both develop an immense amount of love for each other's unique ideas. After some time, Ana marries Jesus and they are relocated to Nazareth. Jesus shares his home with his brothers James and Simon and his mother Mary. 

Thereafter, Ana struggle to fight against the Roman occupation of Israel, supported by her adopted brother Judas, her aunt Yaltha, and other women. 

Her struggle is heard as an alarm of danger in the palaces of Romans and they attempt to seize her. Luckily, she makes her way to Alexandria with Yaltha. The story follows. 

About the book

This book is important in two respects: the glorification of feminine power and the use religious symbols to affirm the power of women. 

Sue Monk Kidd interestingly uses religious allusions in her novel, as she characterizes with names taken from Judeo-Christian account of ancient history. 

Conclusively, the novel not only uses religious references but also calls for a revolt against the propagation of misogyny in the name of religion. This book is equally important for the students of history, religion and women studies.

The book of Longings by Sue Monk Kidd

You can download the book in pdf here. The download button is given below the image to download the book in pdf for free.

the book of longings by sue monk kidd pdf download

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